Service PayPal vs

I noticed for the service PayPal, there are two options in, PayPal and It appears from visiting the site:

That it is the service PayPal which is connected to the extension since it is not graded while is.

Is there are reason for both of these services to be listed in

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There isn’t a reason that both should be on ToS;DR. We don’t have a way of deleting services at the moment but what I’m going to do is keep the PayPal one since it’s older, has more contributions to it, and the documents are more recent. I re-crawled the privacy policy of “PayPal” because it linked to the wrong URL and I changed the PayPal to “ duplicate of service 230”. Even though the duplicate has a grade, it’s not a big deal because the format of the domain is wrong and won’t show up on the extension. Once the original PayPal has enough points and meets the checklist, it will be approved and show up on the extension.