Suggestion: Submission of `tosdr.txt` to `.well-known` directory`

As a specification of the Internet Engineering Task Force under (RFC 8615), “policy or other information” regarding a website/host can be obtained under the directory “.well-known”, such as

Would the ToS;DR team consider submitting a Registration Request with IANA?

I understand this suggestion would change the current “tosdr.txt” specification of placing the .txt file under the root directory (e.g. to a sub-directory (e.g. However, I would argue this change would 1) make the “tosdr.txt” specification more well-known, 2) make the root directory of a website less clustered and 3) improve the adoption rate.

Hey, that’s a good idea. Since the tosdr.txt is still under development we can totally move it into the .well-known directory.

I’ll look into it when I get a chance.