Teacher with an odd issue!

Hey everyone!

This is a real non-issue, but with the educational landscape in the US as it is, I thought I’d ask here.

I have found your website and have been using it inside my middle school (grades 6-8, ages 10-13) to warn them about blindly accepting terms of service and privacy issues. It’s been a great tool.

But with middle school, I have a number of issues, especially with PornHub TOS on the main page. Is there a way to hide that? I know they’ll find it on their own, but with politics being politics, I want to be able to share this information with students without fear of retribution.

Any ideas? Thanks!


I don’t believe there is a way to do that, however why is that an issue? If they know what PH is they’ll probably also know the logo.

It’s not like it shows a screenshot or anything.

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I’d recommend using Phoenix AKA the more edit-focused tool and searching for specific services there. Either that or just searching on the main website.

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Ahhh! Good point, completley missed that!

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Oh! Another option would be using the extension, and opening a service sheet based on an example website, fully bypassing the need for searching, and more efficiently linking to the actual services.

Hi Deveroonie-

While I completely agree with you, the political landscape of the United States and education is rather fraught at this moment. People have been fired for non-transgressions and I’m trying to keep me and my family safe. It takes one family complaining and that would end my 20+ year career.

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Thanks for reporting this! You are right, I’ve gone ahead and replaced PornHub with the Tor Project.


Ah, I see.

I don’t know much about American politics, as I live in the UK, however it is best to use Phoenix (our editing tool), however that isn’t perfect either as it could be on the “suggested to edit” list. I’d reccomend doing what @Tech_TTGames said.

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I thought this was a joke, but you actually have :skull:

Yeah this solution is simple and making ToS;DR more SFW (Imagine your boss walking in while scrolling through the frontpage) seemed more reasonable


Ah, cool!

p.s: you could always change it to my website :rofl:

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That’s not relevant enough, y’ know.

You mentioned other issues, we would be happy to hear them!

Also I feel like I should clarify, that ToS;DR is no replacement for reading terms and the rating is not perfect, you should always go into the summary and for terms you actually agree to you should read them in full.

Thank you for your trust and sharing us, it means a lot!


If you need somewhere to start with reading terms, I find reading privacy policies easier than TOS.

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Oh! Nothing else. I was typing while my kids were in the classroom before and misspoke. That was the major one and it was taken care of really quickly and I really appreciate it.

Y’all blew my students minds today. The biometric data being captured made them want to talk to their parents about things. Thanks for helping the kids of NYC learn a bit about privacy.

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Ah, cool

Glad you are enjoying using TOS;DR!

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No problem at all ;D

wow thats amazing!! You seem to have some great kids. This is probably a topic very overlooked thank YOU for teaching it!!!

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try teaching them how to annotate :rofl: jk

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