The Checklist from the GitHub Wiki

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michielbdejong edited this page on 5 Sep 2014

Before we assign a class to a service, we should check whether the following topics have been covered:

  • Does the service use first-party and/or third-party cookies?
  • Can they change the terms at any time?
  • Do they claim copyright (or what sort of license) over your content (where applicable)?
  • Do you have a right to leave the service?
  • Can you export your data (where applicable)?
  • How do they work with third parties (contractors they use)?
  • How do they work with government requests?
  • How do they handle decisions about suspension of your account when they feel you breached the terms?
  • Do they (try to) prohibit you from going to court against them?
  • What happens to your data when they get acquired or when they shut down the service?
  • How long do they keep your private data and what do they use it for?

For easy access I copy-pasted the Checklist from the Github repository.