ToS;DR and Bandcamp

ToS;DR rates Bandcamp’s ToS as one of the worst (E) although it is often considered to be one of the fairest platforms for artists. Is Bandcamp just a fair platform for artists but regarding business practice(s)/privacy not any better for consumers than all other major music platforms?

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(personal views follow)

As pertains to their role as second-party of the legal documents of the first party, BC (service-609), artists and ‘consumers’ are without distinction. What we can distinguish, however, are privacy practices and other business practices with little relevance for privacy – ToS;DR concerns itself with more than just affronts to / protections of user privacy, but it’s a main focus. For example, Bandcamp is often lauded for a high rate of profit-sharing, but this sort of thing doesn’t get parsed as part of the ToS;DR annotation process.

On the other hand, Bandcamp has also published statements about their refusal to saddle creators with such burdens as digital restrictions management concerns in the name of fighting ‘piracy’, which also is often favourably contrasted to other platforms. This would show up in ToS;DR as case-332 (The service provides information about its attitude towards ethical, social or political problems or controversies), I’d assert. And comparing to, say, Spotify (service-225) an E-rating seems to be on-par, sadly.

Which points of consideration do you think are most important for understanding Bandcamp, or music hosting / publishing / streaming / purchasing sites generally?

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I don’t know much about Bandcamp and thank you for given insight.

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