ToS;DR button not visible in search bar

The button is gone for every website and I have to open the extension to check the status of websites. Is this a bug or related to the new update?

Open the extension menu, right click the tosdr extension and enable “pin to taskbar”

That is due to the new update. The new extension uses manifest v3 and that handles this differently, the way i understand it.

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Ding ding ding. To unify the experience in every browser, we now behave like every other extension. As our dear team member said, you can pin it so it’s always visible. Thanks for the feedback!

Is there any way to bring it back? I personally think it looked a lot better in the search bar

Some people like it in the search bar, some like it when it behaves like every other extension. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to add a toggle to put it there so I’m afraid it’s not, unless we fully commit to it and disallow it from behaving like a normal extension (displayed in extension tray)