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V. H. Hess (pun on VHS video format and phonetic reference to Hess trucks) is an online shop for purchasing Vaporwave Aesthetic made-to-order apparel. Vaporwave Aesthetic often makes visual and musical callouts to 80s and 90s culture. The store includes made-to-order clothing shipped to customers. Other themes in the apparel genre include Vaporwave, Retrowave, Synthwave, Outrun, 80s, 90s, Gaming and more. Based in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA.

I am the owner of the website and work to ensuring customer privacy. I'm an avid Proton Mail plus user and email customers directly using it when problems may arise from vhhess@pm.me. Per Shopify store preference I also enable the "Limit tracking for customers in Europe" and Limit the third-party sale of your California customers’ data.

I do not use Facebook for any social media interactions, advertisements or services; I do not agree with how they conduct their business. Furthermore in the event I get a potential European customers, I have added GDPR-related information in my privacy policy and enable a popup mentioning the use of cookies so they can take the opportunity to see my privacy policy should they be interested.

My forum username is "Isaiah". I have some knowledge of HTML and CSS since I am a graphic and web designer but I do not know what XPath is. If something can be done using XPath to help make this submission more thorough, I'll work with, reference or modify any relative files needed to get added to DuckDuckGo's privacy toolbar. Thanks for what you guys do!

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  • I have prior experience with XPath/HTML/CSS syntax: false
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