What is DocBot?

What is docbot? How does it work? (along with the screenshots)

Oh, I found this but I am not sure what it says

Please follow the steps you see on image and make and upload the screenshots of what does that mean and how to get IP and API key

DocBot seems to be promising some useful stuff with automating us finding sentences that match cases.


Exactly as @CyanoTex said.

It’s currently only possible to self host if you have either

A. Your own instance of Crisp
B. An api key provided by us, which we only grant to researchers, students or partners integrating with us.

Your best bet is self hosting crisp and modifying the source code accordingly so it points to your installation of crisp.


While we have our own production instance of the DocBot, its used internally and one has to get an api key for that as well.


Deploying it publicly isn’t in the roadmap at the moment, I presume?


Nope, its open to abuse publicily.

Its open source though and can be selfhosted.

Academic Researchers and Students get access though


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