WHY 18 years old to become curator on ToS;DR?

When I wanted to apply a curator, I saw this requirement:
“Be 18 years or older.”

I mean, 13 years old is enough for most cases, as it is the minimum age requirement in most services.

But WHY 18 years old? WHY? This is 100% wrong in my honest opinion. ToS;DR users should NOT need 18 years old to become a curator. Even 13 year olds should be fine becoming a curator.

And even if the ToS;DR team decided to set the requirement to 18 years old, they don’t care if they see anyone under 18 years old wanting to become a curator, but WHY?

This issue needs to be fixed. Requirement of 13 years old is already enough, increasing the requirement is not going to make it better.

No, just no 13 years old don’t have the mental faculty or ability it takes to fully understand the services they use on average, why would they be considered able to understand much more less used ones

Other than the fact that 13 years old is already way too little for someone to be able to take legally binding decisions like accepting ToS to me

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