Wikipedia, case 201

We have received a complained via email for this point. I have verified, that the quote “We reserve the right to suspend or end the services at any time, with or without cause, and with or without notice.” is still present on their ToS page.
The argument is, that bans are always with reason and that the account, in most cases, is not entirely deleted. According to the complaint, because of these reasons, the point should be declined.

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In my opinion the quote clearly fits the case and we only judge the policy and not what usually happens. Wikipedia very clearly has the right to disable your account at any point, for any reason.

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The case fits the letter of the Terms of Usage. I do not see a reason to remove it.


I disagree with the complaint, just because a account isn’t entirely deleted; doesn’t mean that this point is less valid as it is still a ban. And even if bans are always with a reason, the tos suggests otherwise which is tosdrs focus


I say we rename case 201 to be instead of delete, suspend/delete. It’s already used in this fashion so why not?


I wanted to suggest that too

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