WordPress com/org merged

Hi folks!

I noticed Michiel merged WordPress.com and WordPress.org entries in Dec 2020, see service ID 1543.

I know it can be confusing because of the name, but these are actually two different things:

  • Dot org is the open source CMS project owned by the WordPress Foundation.

  • Dot com is a paid website building service owned by Automattic Ltd.

So for ToS;DR purposes they’re different entities.

Can they be unmerged again? Thanks in advance!

I work at Automattic so happy to reply any questions!

Here are some relevant links:

Hi Mikael!

Thanks for bringing this up.

I’ll look into this but fully unmerging is quite impossible if the source service had points in it.

I have changed the name and undeleted 1543 now, all points in 173 related to 1543 will be declined though as the documents have to be destroyed. I keep you posted.


Service 1543 is now fully seperate and has empty points

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