Changes For Cases


I am suggesting the following changes for the following cases, including the specifics and details for some:

Case 280

“Users agree not to use the service for illegal purposes”

Case 281

“This service prohibits users sending chain letters, junk mail, spam or any unsolicited messages”

Case 238

“Users agree not to submit illegal content”

This topic is a low-key duplicate from Case 280.

Case 150

“Spidering or crawling is not allowed”

Case 285

“Users shall not interfere with another person’s enjoyment of the service”

Case 292

“This service does not condone any ideas contained in its user-generated contents”

Topic 36

“User Information”

  • Rename as Transparency.

Topic 37

“Waiving Your Rights”

  • Rename as Waivers


Are you proposing to split the case into illegal content and illegal behaviour? Points about both are listed in that case currently.

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I agree with most of these changes, they have much more sense. However, I don’t see why this one should be in the Content Topic, since it’s linked to a use of the service in a manner that causes bandwidth problems for instance, rather than linked to content posted.


Sorry for the (huge) delay :grimacing:

@Arlo I’m proposing to deprecate the Users agree not to submit illegal content case, and replace it with the Users agree not to use the service for illegal purposes.
I believe those two cases coexisting is a bit redundant, since posting illegal content, by itself, is an illegal action/purpose for which the service would be used for. Thus the prohibition for illegal content seems kind of implicit.

@Agnes_de_Lion It’s more of a pragmatic change, as the Content Topic contains mostly things users can and cannot do, along with Suspension & Censorship. I’m arguing this due to the general practical advantages about said topic.
Sidenote: it’s also a proposal in the making to rename the Content Topic to something more specific that would allow an easier location for cases. —


In absence of further disagreement, I’m applying the changes today. I will close this topic in 5 days in case of further discussion arising :3.


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